New year, New blog but definitely not a new me…

Hello! Firstly thank you for taking the time to come visit Wellies and Wonder. So if you haven’t read the about section here’s me in a nutshell:

I am Hayley. I’m a twenty something living with my wonderful boyfriend Nick and our miniature dachshund Maximus. Nick and I have recently bought our first home together in Yorkshire. We both studied in Yorkshire and have completely fallen in love with this beautiful county so much so we are staying put and don’t intend to go away anytime soon.

What can you expect from W&W? Lots of interior inspiration, trends, diy and decoration of our own home – which I am super excited about! There will be posts about the breathtaking Yorkshire landscape and the adventures we take with our beloved Maximus. Plus lots of random ramblings from me about a girl who you more likely see at home reading a good book or the latest loaf catalogue than in a nightclub.


2016 was a weird, crazy, wonderful year. Firstly we relocated to York after living in a poky flat in Leeds for a year. Then came Maximus who turned our world upside down but made us appreciate every little thing life has to offer – how weird that one little pup can do that?! Then there was all the weddings. This turned me into a crazy psychopath freak who thought there was this massive pressure to be engaged, drinking champagne and reading Brides magazine daily. However this is most certainly not the case. Ladies and Gents relax! Things happen for a reason and what will be will be if you are with someone who cares for you, wants to make memories with you and wants to spend time with you then appreciate them. Appreciate those moments. Appreciate those feelings. In the modern world we are all so focused on what’s to come, what’s expected, what path we should be following that we blur what’s in front of us and forget to embrace it. I think that is the biggest lesson I learned in 2016 and certainly one I will not be forgetting anytime soon.

Finally 2016 brought us a house. Very exciting. All in a dramatic, whirlwind fashion. I mean who would expect anything less from me. We never intended to buy a house, it kind of just happened but we are so over the moon and excited that we are on the property ladder. It’s a new build property, just think white everywhere. So I am determined to add some colour, life and love into this house to make it into our home. I suppose you could say that’s my New Years resolution. New Years resolutions aren’t  something I do, purely because I am a very critical person. I am extremely guilty of continually reflecting on myself and pulling out all my flaws and negative behaviours rather than focusing on the positive me. So that is one thing I will be continually trying to work on and develop in 2017.


So 2017 is looking pretty exciting and paint covered. I cannot  wait to see what the year brings. I hope you follow W&W and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy creating it.

Happy New Year!


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