Creating an individual space 

Hello you lovely lot! 

So anyone who has followed W&W on Instagram (@welliesandwonder_) you will have seen how the living/dining room is an open space. For weeks I could not decide how to create a separate space in such an open room. I really want the dining space to be separate whilst tying together the colour scheme. 

(Dining Area on move in day)

(Living Space on move in day)

After searching for inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest and WordPress I felt that the only way to highlight my dining space was a pendant light. 

(Source: Pinterest) 

The above pendant I adore. However I’m a cleaning freak and I think it would attract so much dust! Also I change my mind – ALL – of the time. So such a bold choice would be too much as the next day I would probably want copper, then grey. So I steered away from metallics. 

(Source: Pinterest)

I love the colouring of this whole image. The clean canvas, the textures, the greenery! It provides so much depth to the room. The simplicity of the pendants and the exposed wiring really tick the industrial trend box and make this dining space different and steer it away from country and quaint to eclectic and contemporary. 

(Source: Pinterest) 

What I love the most about all these images is that they highlight the dining space. They are all open, bright, airy spaces – much like my dining room. However you are drawn to the table. It makes the dining space a focal point. This is what I really wanted to achieve. 

Step in Litecraft Lighting and their range of gorgeous pendants. Here are my top 5.

(All available at 

I will at some point make the brass cube mine. It’s to die for. Just look at it!

I went for a simple grey parabolic pendant…

(Source: Wellies and Wonder Instagram) 

It creates a spotlight which is exactly what I wanted. The dining space feels like a stand alone space now and I love it. My lighting choice really helped me achieve the focal point I wanted and my room now does have a seperate environment for dining and entertaining. 

(Source: Wellies and Wonder Instagram) 

I really can wait to add some colour to these walls…. waiting is killing me! I’m also waiting on some shelves to add above the radiators to add some life to the walls. I think then I will be very close to the dining space being complete! For now though I am extremely happy with the look. 

Until next time,

W&W x 

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