High Street Heroes… Primark 

Hello you lovely lot! 

So on Thursday I had an awful day – to be completely honest there’s been a lot of them recently but anyway I digress… Shopping always helps, but when money is tight I can’t indulge in my Joules problem unfortunately haha! I’m well aware I have a problem by the way – I will address it… one day. So I popped to Primark to see if some cosy PJ’s would brighten my mood. I did not realise I would find a treasure trove of interior goodies! So here are my purchases all for under £15! 

Brass geometric battery light £5

How cute is this?! I’m obsessed with brass at the moment. It doesn’t really have a home just yet… give me time. The light isn’t fab as you probably imagined however it does give off a lovely glow which teamed up with some gorgeous smelling candles can make an evening feel very cosy indeed. 

Succulent Candle £2.50 

My name is Hayley and I am addicted to succulents. I am also known to love candles so this was a heavenly find. It’s just too cute that I’m avoiding lighting it for a very long time. 

Pineapple Candle £3.50 

Forget your “pineapple – apple – pens” check out this candle. Yep it’s a candle. A beautiful smelling one at that. It’s teeny tiny so makes a lovely addition to a #shelfie 

Leaf accessory holder £4 

More brass please. I adore this little trinket holder. Personally I will not use it for this and it will purely be a decorative piece mixed with some candles no doubt. The detail is lovely – a little darker than the picture makes out. 

I do find myself buying lots of home accessories but then never really knowing how to style them but anyway here’s my attempts at how I may use these pieces in my home. 

Well there you have it! 

As always I love to hear from you so send me a message, leave a comment or find more pictures on Instagram @welliesandwonder_

Until next time 

W&W x 


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