Pretty Little Things… 

Hello you lovely lot! 

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. So last weekend I went on a shopping trip with my wonderful friend Rebecca (@mustardandstripes). I was on a “no spend just browse” trip but I couldn’t resist a gorgeous necklace stand. 

(Primark £5 – yes you read that right £5!)

Brass.. check. Marble.. check. Geometric.. check. AND purse friendly.. check! What’s not to love. I had looked at the Oliver Bonas necklace stand of dreams but that was definitely not purse friendly so this Primark version is just perfect. 

Naturally I got home and needed to re-organise my dresser immediately! So here are the items I always have on my dresser. 

My perfumes: YSL Black Opium. I wear this is the evening, it rich and elegant. Described as a “rock and roll” version of the original Opium. It has notes of coffee, white florals and vanilla. If you like a light fresh scent – this is not for you. It is long lasting though and perfect for a night of cocktails and dancing. 

Valentino Valentina. Now this is light, fresh and extremely feminine. I love it. I go through it far too quickly because I just adore the fragrance. It has notes of peach, vanilla, patchouli and cedar woods. Perfect for spring days or summer evenings with pimms and friends. 

I do always love a Jo Malone fragrance and my last one was Earl Grey and Cucumber which was gorgeous during spring however not very long lasting. It is my birthday soon so I’m hoping to try out the infamous Peony and Blush Suede. Let’s just hope my other half reads this…

Speaking of Jo Malone I love to light one of her fragrances before bed to ensure a calm relaxing atmosphere. Currently I have this pine and eucalyptus beauty. It is quite simply divine. I received this for Christmas (the boy is well trained what can I say) and I do use it sparingly as it is very rich and extremely long lasting. Plus bloody expensive! Haha! I do like to keep the glass pots when the candle is gone for holding make up brushes or trinkets. I plan on keeping this one and then making a little chalkboard label for the front. 

My jewellery: I’m quite fussy with jewellery in the sense that I don’t like anything fussy – go figure. I love smaller pieces with delicate details. Like this gorgeous bumble bee from Rosie Bow Jewellery (available on Etsy). If I do go for a statement piece it tends to be a bold shape rather than a bedazzled number. 

I do love the classics as well. I do have a gorgeous Tiffany necklace and double chained bracelet which I recieved for my 21st birthday. I really do treasure them as they are a classic design which add elegance to any outfit. 

I’m also rarely without my Pandora Essence charm bracelet. I much prefer the size of the Essence collection it’s much less bulky than the originals. I also like that the charms stay in place rather than moving around. I can’t deal with anything that jangles around.

Of course no dresser is complete without some photos or prints. I like to have pictures that have captured memories from various trips so when I use my dresser in the morning I smile and remember how much happiness was in the moment. I currently have a picture of me and my beardy beloved in London. It always makes me smile so sets me up ready for the day. 

Well there you have it. My dresser and my favourite things. Don’t forget to stay up to date with all the latest over on Instagram @welliesandwonder_ 

I also love to hear your feedback so please leave comments or send me a message. 

Until next time,

W&W x 


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