W&W Wishlist: May 

Good morning you lovely lot! I’ve been slacking with the posts recently. I suppose life has just taken over a bit. But this is me saying I’m back in the game and I’m hoping the next months will be full of lots of new posts. So as always here’s my monthly Wishlist… 

There’s a bit of a botanical feel for this one. We recently bought out garden furniture ready for the decking to be completed. With that in mind I’m trying to make my indoor and outdoor lounge areas blend to provide a feeling of more space and I always find being outdoors so uplifting that it’s nice to capture that indoors. 

So first up we have two pieces from Matalan. Matalan is quickly becoming one of my favourite home stores that does not break the bank and provides gorgeous pieces for the home. 

Large Tear Drop Lantern – £20.00 

Ceramic Hanging Planter – £6.00 

I love natural materials in the outdoors. These will be perfect in my garden but I think they would equally look gorgeous in a reading nook or a bathroom. 

Now on to H&M home which each season is just getting better and better. My other half is still saying no to the Dalmatian bedding…. we’ll give him a bit more time. 

Small Storage Basket – £8.99 

Large Stoneware Planter Pot – £19.99 

Sticking with the natural materials over here. I adore the plant pot! If it lived in my garden I would be adding some leafy greenery to it making it a standout feature of my lounging area. Again this could equally be brought indoors to the lounge and add a lovely feature to a corner. Also how cute is the storage basket. I’m a bit (read: a huge) neat freak so I need everything to have a home. I’ll be using this to store all my candles and tea lights I use outdoors when entertaining. Makes tidying quick, easy and pretty! 

A firm favourite of mine next. Slay My Print have really hit the botanical and tropical trend on the head. They provide the most gorgeous prints to use throughout your home. I just can’t get enough of their botanical range… then they release this beauty as part of their tropical range! Gorgeous. 

3 Pinapples – from £6.00 

I mean come on just look at it! I’ll be adding this to my growing collection. Now I just need to find some frames so I can start displaying them in my newly decorated lounge! 

Last on my list this week is Candelle & Co. I can’t explain how gorgeous this company is. If you haven’t seen my earlier post – heaven scent – Then go check it out to learn more about this company and their delightful wax melts. This month I am featuring their newly launched room spray. It comes in pink prosecco! I mean I was always going to be a fan…. but the spray really does fill the room with very minimal use. 

Pink Prosecco Room Spray – Currently £13.50 

May Wishlist features:





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Until next time,

W&W x 


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