Outdoor Zen 

Hello you lovely lot!  
I hope you are all well and enjoying these glorious glimpses of summer! This post is all about my summer garden planning. Hopefully the weather will allow it to happen… but let’s be honest Britain doesn’t have the best track record. 

(Chief sunbather and flower bed inspector) 

So our garden is a great size for a 2 bed new-build property. However it is extremely boring and one dimensional. Step in my genius father who basically created this idea for me. He will also be completing all the work… me and maximus will just sit quietly and pass tools when needed. 

(Our current garden)

I looked at tonnes of gardens on Pinterest to help gather my inspiration and put together some ideas… 

(Source: Pinterest – definitely prefer a “wild garden” feel) 

(Source: Pinterest – I will definitely be needing a welly store somewhere!) 

The plan. Well the plan is essentially to create two spaces to entertain. One will be a lounging come bar area whilst further away will be the cooking and dining area. My dad came up with this idea to a) create an extension of our living space in to an outdoor lounge space and b) because of how the sun moves through the day. So from our French doors there will be decking laid lengthways to provide a continuation from our lounge. Then there will be the grass are for maximus to tear up im sure. Finally the patio slabs that will be replaced by decking will be moved into the far corner to create a dining space. 

(Dining space of dreams courtesy of Rock My Style – Pinterest) 

Get a dog… it’ll be fun… they said. Then you introduce a garden – game over. Maximus has made a collection of burrows down the edge of our lawn. So these will be replaced with raised flower beds and we will be reinforcing the fence too. It’ll stop him digging… we hope. It’ll also look really cute… again I hope! 

(Source: Pinterest) 

I’m hoping to make the dining area multi purposeful. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my dad will be able to make some built in benches which I can put plastic trunks in which will be able to store outdoor blankets, pillows, garden utensils etc. Here I will be reinforcing the fence again to add some privacy too. I can never settle on garden furniture so we have decided to build a table ourselves. After discussing what we wanted for a while it was agreed that a metal insert for all the bubbles was an essential. Trust me you are going to love it… see below! #lifeessential 

(Source: Pinterest) 

(Source: Pinterest – #lifeessential) 

The last thing to be added will be some clever storage. I’d seen so many wheelie bin stores on Instagram and Pinterest… it was a revelation. The idea is it will hold our bins but also have an additional space for the lawn mower and tools. 

(Source: Pinterest – love a neutral colour scheme) 

I’m so excited to have this space transformed! Viva La BBQ! 

(Source: Pinterest) 

If you’ve enjoyed this post I’d love to hear from you in the comments or via Instagram. You can find me @welliesandwonder_

Until next time,

W&W x 


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