Bedroom Moodboard 

Hello you lovely lot! 

I hope you’ve all had a gorgeous week.

So today I’m talking bedrooms… boudoirs….  a place of escape. However you refer to your bedroom for me it’s always got to be a place of calm,  a little sanctuary that’s all yours! 

Being in a new build property there is very little to work with in terms of unique features but it does provide be perfect blank canvas! 

Our bedroom is quite big for a new build property and we are extremely lucky to have two windows. It’s such a bright space that when decorating I want to emphasise that by using light, bright, calming colours. 

The Colour Scheme

I know the dark side is very popular right now. While I find it very appealing it just isn’t me. I’m simply not brave or cool enough… I’m totally okay with that. 

In terms of colours im torn between going for a cool grey like Blackened by Farrow and Ball. Or something a little warmer but still neutral like Just Walnut by Dulux or Elephants Breath by Farrow and Ball. We also have grey in the lounge and soon the hallway. I’m scared that it’ll all be too much?! Surely there’s no such thing as too much grey right? 

Polished Pebble by Dulux 

Above: Farrow & Ball – Neutral Families

Below: My current favourite Dulux colour combination 

The Furniture 

Prior to buying our house we had rented in an unfurnished cottage so we already had all of our furniture when we moved. In one sense it was great as we didn’t need to spend lots of money on top of all the money involved with moving. The only problem is… I don’t like our furniture. We bought very basic items as they were necessities. They’ve served their purpose but I want pieces that I love. 

I’m dreaming of floor to ceiling wardrobes to maximise space and create lots of storage. Here are some of my favourites from Pinterest… 

I adore this style with the extra storage at the top perfect for winter/summer clothes storage. I love the coving in this picture too this is something else we are considering adding in the lounge and bedrooms. 

When we eventually get something like this my next question will be to keep it oak/pine or paint them white. 

We 100% need a new bed. We currently have a double bed that was nick’s bed from home and his Grandfather made it. While that is so lovely and it is very well made it has these large pine pegs…. I hit my shins everyday without fail. After 2 years I draw the line  – no more purple legs! 

I’d love a wooden bed with fabric headboard while nick wants all fabric with a buttoned headboard. It also has to have nothing on the end of the bed as he’s so chuffing tall. So who knows what we will end up with but something classic in a neutral colour I’m sure will be a winner. 

My bed of dreams from 

The Vibe 

Tranquility. That’s my key word for our bedroom. I think it’s really important when planning a room to think of how you want it to feel. For me the bedroom has to be somewhere I can switch off and relax. I still want it to feel like home and not a hotel. So I will be adding lots of finishing touches which are personal and fit the general “modern country” vibe. 

Here are some of my Pinterest faves which totally encapsulate what I want to achieve… 

And if you want some more inspiration check out these gorgeous Instagram accounts which have the most stunning bedrooms…





The Accessories 

So let’s be frank here… we all know this is my favourite bit. So I want a “modern country” home not a “cluttered cottage”. So storage is huge for me hence why I NEED fitted wardrobes. I also love Seagrass belly baskets – bonus point if they have Pom Pom’s! I think they look gorgeous and they add some texture to a room too. I’ll also be adding some frames with my favourite shots in such as these beauties from Zara Home… 

(Peonies… optional… but definitely preferable) 

I managed to get my hands on these two beautiful grey lamps from Ruby Reay Interiors and I can’t wait for them to arrive. The room isn’t even painted but I don’t think there is anything wrong with forward planning right? PS there is still 25% off all products when you enter SUMMERSALE25 at the checkout. Her stuff is gorgeous so go and check it out!

Obviously I’ll be having ALL the candles in the bedroom… maybe only one to be honest as they drive my other half insane. But if you’ve seen my stories you’ll know I finally got my hands on a bell jar I know I’ll be using it to display my favourite scents. 

So there you have it my bedroom moodboard! It’s all a constant work in progress and we won’t be able to focus on it for a while but it’s always good to have a plan and I always like to get my plans on paper or in this case… the internet. 

Until next time,

W&W x 


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