Along Came Mabel 

Hello you lovely lot! 

I hope you are all well. I am back at work and in the thick of it once more after a wonderful week off with our new arrival. We are so lucky to have family coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks to help with her training. 

I’ve had so many lovely messages and comments over on Instagram I thought I’d share a little post all about how the little lady is settling in. 

She sure is a beauty and a very funny pup. She’s certainly settled in well and is showing Maximus who’s boss… bless him he’s just so accepting. 

I’m honestly so happy with how she has instantly become part of our family and has responded so well to her new home. My only complaint is I wish we had done it sooner. 

Since Mabel’s arrival Maximus has really settled in his manner. He’s certainly become more relaxed and is definitely trying to be a big brother and show her the ropes….. even if this is a lot of play fighting! 

Our dog den is going down a treat too. Since night one we have not had any disturbances over night – not even for a toilet break! We have also purchased this amazing camera from Nest so we can check on them at night and wait for it…. speak to them! I know. Amazing right. 

So there you go just a little pupdate … someone stop me! I will be posting again soon about all of our puppy essentials and my recommendations. 

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W&W x 

Summer Scent 

Hello you lovely lot! 

It’s been a very exciting few days here with Mabel’s arrival. She’s settling in great and Maximus is being an amazing big brother! 

Anyway back to what I actually want to talk about… summer. Where has it gone? Was it really all over in a few days? With the recent gloomy weather I had this urge to light all the candles and pull out all the blankets. But I really wanted a fresh summer scent, nothing too heavy. I do tend to favour bold fragrances like Jo Malone’s Pine and Eucalyptus (it’s a dream – if you haven’t tried this already do so!). However this isn’t the best fragrance in summer as it does smell like you’ve walked into a department store at Christmas. Step in Neom Organics! I’ve always loved Neom’s range of fragrances but this one has me hooked! 

Neom Organics – Feel Refreshed Candle 

A blend of Sicilian lemon and basil as well as essential oils which are meant to give you a boost. The scent is really uplifting and definitely refreshing. 

The scent definitely fills a room in very little time at all. Even Nick noticed it… this is something that never happens! For me it adds a touch of summer and on these horrible grey days I think we are in need of that are we not?! 

What are your favourite summer fragrances and perfumes? Let me know in the comments below or over on Instagram (@welliesandwonder_) 

Until next time,

W&W x 

*this is not a sponsored blog post or ad. This was a purchase I made and the opinions and images are my own 

Yorkshire Day! 

Hello you lovely lot! 

Today is the day to celebrate the most gorgeous county – Yorkshire! 

Now I am a gal originally from Lancashire…. oh the controversy I know! However I have been in Yorkshire since I was 18. First in Leeds while at university and then in York before settling in Pocklington, just outside of york. I adore this county and its people. It is my home and today I will happily wear a white rose… much to my families dismay I’m sure 😂 

To celebrate I thought I would share some of my favourite pictures and show you the beautiful Yorkshire in all of its glory! I’m so unbelievably lucky to live in such a beautiful place. 

Bolton Abbey – Skipton 

Allerthorpe Forest and Nature Reserve

Allerthorpe Forest and Nature Reserve 

Allerthorpe is a little gem about ten minutes from us with a gorgeous woodland perfect for waking the pooch. 

East Riddlesden Hall Grounds – Keighley 

Ripley Castle Grounds 

Lendal Bridge, York 

Museum Gardens, York 

York is so beautiful and I urge anyone who hasn’t to visit and try not to fall for it’s wonderful charm! 

Filey Beach

Filey Beach 

One of my favourite beaches. This was the first Beach we brought maximus to and he loved it. Nothing beats the British seaside does it? I will always look at our days on the beach with so much happiness – the fresh sea breeze, mandatory “chippy chips” and endless mugs of Yorkshire tea. 

Beningbrough Hall, York

Beningbrough Hall, York 

One of my favourite National Trust sites…. yep I’m 24 and what are you going to do about it? So much history and gorgeous flower gardens, a perfect dog friendly walk and a delightful farm shop. Quite simply the perfect day out with friends. 

So there it is my Yorkshire in all of its glory. This isn’t even a bit of it! There are so many other places to visit and experience, Harrogate, Ilkley, Leeds the list is endless. Next on my list is the lavender fields which are around the corner from me and Malton’s food festival (plus rumour has it they have an interior shop to die for). 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I’d love to hear what you think or if you’ve visited Yorkshire before? I’m off to have a cup of Yorkshire tea to celebrate the rest of Yorkshire Day….. did I say Yorkshire enough in this post? 

Until next time, 

W&W x 

It’s a Dogs Life… Puppy Checklist

Hello you lovely lot! 

If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen over the recent weeks a new addition appear in my stories. Well it’s 2 weeks until she joins us and I am so excited! For anyone thinking of getting a dog or is waiting to bring their new pooch home then this post is for you. 

When we got Maximus we went over the top. I mean seriously. We had toys, treats, blankets galore. In all honesty it was far too much and he really wasn’t bothered about whether he had one or ten toys. So I’ve put together what I think the “basics” are when getting your first furry companion. 

1. A super comfy bed …. preferably washable. 

There’s so much choice out there and sometimes it’s a minefield to be honest. We have tried numerous of beds oval, scallop, square but for Maximus nothing beats a basket with tonnes of blankets he can burrow in.

There’s one dog bed on my wishlist though which I think I’ll get for them both once the new addition has settled in …. 

Charley Chau – How comfy does it look!! They offer a wide range of high quality dog beds and blankets. Take a look here:

2. A crate

While this may not be an essential (and it’s not for every pup!) However it’s great for training and helping the pup to settle in their new home. It can be overwhelming for a pup so having a crate is them having their own designated personal space… not that maximus has any boundaries with personal space now! 

Here’s some cuteness for you… you’re welcome 

3. Collar/Harness with an ID tag and a lead

This is given. It’s also now a legal requirement to have your dog not only chipped but to be wearing a physical tag. (Boring bit over) I’m really excited to get the new addition a gorgeous collar when she has grown a little. Maximus has a lovely tweed collar from Earthbound and a matching lead which we use on special occasions…. yep we are those people! I recently discovered The January Rose and she makes the most delightful collars, bows, hilarious ID tags and, wait for it…. matching bracelets! YES! 🙌🏻 

4. Toys 

All the toys! Particularly useful when they are teething. There so much on offer now for pooches but I do really like the puzzle toys, it provides a lot of stimulus for the dog which is useful when trying to prevent bad habits and behaviour. 

5. Puppy Pads / Enzyme Cleaners 

Don’t kid yourself into believing you will have the perfect pup. You won’t. They will have accidents and do ninja poops in places they shouldn’t. Pet pads aren’t for everyone but can be useful to encourage your dog to get to the door before doing their business. 

While pet pads aren’t for everyone an enzyme based cleaner is! When accidents do occur it helps to break down the substance to prevent the pooch recognising their scent and repeating their unwanted behaviour. Try this one from Pets At Home

6. Good quality food

I’m going to make this brief as it is completely your choice what you feed your pooch. I feed maximus a raw diet (or BARF as it’s sometimes known) and that’s completely my choice after doing a lot of research. There are lots of high quality wet and dried foods out there so do shop around. Always read the ingredients and try to avoid grains as it’s just not that great for dogs in general. If you’re not sure of what to feed try all about dog food which rates a whole variety of food and treats. 

My gorgeous boy with the shiny coat 😍

7. Socialisation time / classes

Nobody wants a nervous pup so it’s so important to try and introduce them to as many sights, sounds, dogs and humans. Always talk to your veterinary surgery as they often offer puppy socialisation classes which are free! 

You can always try puppy classes too – so much cuteness in one room! Maximus loved it because of all the treats 😂 It did also strengthen our trust and made me feel much more confident. 

8. Patience … HEAPS of it 

Puppies and dogs are genuinely the greatest gift. They love whole heartedly, don’t judge and forgive all mistakes. But they do not come without some hard work and perseverance! There was times I wanted to shout or cry because I felt I wasn’t doing anything right or that we would never have “a good dog”. But you know what? We cracked it! I love my little maximus and wouldn’t change his little flaws for the world because they make him the hilarious sausage he is. 

I hope that this post was helpful for those of you who are thinking of buying or adopting a puppy or dog in the future! Oh and here she is…. our new addition… MABEL ❤️ the 2 week countdown is on! 

I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below. If you’d like to stay up to date with all things Wellies and Wonder then follow me on Instagram @welliesandwonder_

Until next time,

W&W x 

Creating a Botanical Corner 

Hello you lovely lot! 

So some time ago I was lucky enough to feature over on the Candid Owl blog and talk about her gorgeous lampshades and how I styled them. If you missed it… fear not! I’m talking about how I styled my lampshade into a botanical corner of my home.

When I received my lampshade I couldn’t have been happier. Amazing quality! The print is vibrant and detailed and pictures really don’t do it any justice. 

So I paired my new lampshade of dreams with a gorgeous gold geometric lamp base. I did also have a black geometric one but with my side tables being black it all just blended together which is not what I wanted at all. I think the shade would have worked well on a cement lamp base too especially if you wanted a more industrial feel. I also added in a gold basket to add some luxe plus I needed some storage… pretty and practical? Winner winner!

Finally I accessorised with some succulents… come on what did you expect? I used different heights and textures when choosing my pots. Finally I added my personal grey coasters with gold initials to tie all the colours together. 

So there you have it! My botanical corner all brought together and based around my gorgeous Candid Owl lampshade. 

Go check out more of Candice’s gorgeous creations over on her Instagram @candidowl 

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Until next time,

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Bedroom Moodboard 

Hello you lovely lot! 

I hope you’ve all had a gorgeous week.

So today I’m talking bedrooms… boudoirs….  a place of escape. However you refer to your bedroom for me it’s always got to be a place of calm,  a little sanctuary that’s all yours! 

Being in a new build property there is very little to work with in terms of unique features but it does provide be perfect blank canvas! 

Our bedroom is quite big for a new build property and we are extremely lucky to have two windows. It’s such a bright space that when decorating I want to emphasise that by using light, bright, calming colours. 

The Colour Scheme

I know the dark side is very popular right now. While I find it very appealing it just isn’t me. I’m simply not brave or cool enough… I’m totally okay with that. 

In terms of colours im torn between going for a cool grey like Blackened by Farrow and Ball. Or something a little warmer but still neutral like Just Walnut by Dulux or Elephants Breath by Farrow and Ball. We also have grey in the lounge and soon the hallway. I’m scared that it’ll all be too much?! Surely there’s no such thing as too much grey right? 

Polished Pebble by Dulux 

Above: Farrow & Ball – Neutral Families

Below: My current favourite Dulux colour combination 

The Furniture 

Prior to buying our house we had rented in an unfurnished cottage so we already had all of our furniture when we moved. In one sense it was great as we didn’t need to spend lots of money on top of all the money involved with moving. The only problem is… I don’t like our furniture. We bought very basic items as they were necessities. They’ve served their purpose but I want pieces that I love. 

I’m dreaming of floor to ceiling wardrobes to maximise space and create lots of storage. Here are some of my favourites from Pinterest… 

I adore this style with the extra storage at the top perfect for winter/summer clothes storage. I love the coving in this picture too this is something else we are considering adding in the lounge and bedrooms. 

When we eventually get something like this my next question will be to keep it oak/pine or paint them white. 

We 100% need a new bed. We currently have a double bed that was nick’s bed from home and his Grandfather made it. While that is so lovely and it is very well made it has these large pine pegs…. I hit my shins everyday without fail. After 2 years I draw the line  – no more purple legs! 

I’d love a wooden bed with fabric headboard while nick wants all fabric with a buttoned headboard. It also has to have nothing on the end of the bed as he’s so chuffing tall. So who knows what we will end up with but something classic in a neutral colour I’m sure will be a winner. 

My bed of dreams from 

The Vibe 

Tranquility. That’s my key word for our bedroom. I think it’s really important when planning a room to think of how you want it to feel. For me the bedroom has to be somewhere I can switch off and relax. I still want it to feel like home and not a hotel. So I will be adding lots of finishing touches which are personal and fit the general “modern country” vibe. 

Here are some of my Pinterest faves which totally encapsulate what I want to achieve… 

And if you want some more inspiration check out these gorgeous Instagram accounts which have the most stunning bedrooms…





The Accessories 

So let’s be frank here… we all know this is my favourite bit. So I want a “modern country” home not a “cluttered cottage”. So storage is huge for me hence why I NEED fitted wardrobes. I also love Seagrass belly baskets – bonus point if they have Pom Pom’s! I think they look gorgeous and they add some texture to a room too. I’ll also be adding some frames with my favourite shots in such as these beauties from Zara Home… 

(Peonies… optional… but definitely preferable) 

I managed to get my hands on these two beautiful grey lamps from Ruby Reay Interiors and I can’t wait for them to arrive. The room isn’t even painted but I don’t think there is anything wrong with forward planning right? PS there is still 25% off all products when you enter SUMMERSALE25 at the checkout. Her stuff is gorgeous so go and check it out!

Obviously I’ll be having ALL the candles in the bedroom… maybe only one to be honest as they drive my other half insane. But if you’ve seen my stories you’ll know I finally got my hands on a bell jar I know I’ll be using it to display my favourite scents. 

So there you have it my bedroom moodboard! It’s all a constant work in progress and we won’t be able to focus on it for a while but it’s always good to have a plan and I always like to get my plans on paper or in this case… the internet. 

Until next time,

W&W x 

W&W Wishlist: July 

Hello you lovely lot! 

I am back from a month of training and back to normality. I didn’t post a June Wishlist as I wasn’t really around and I had very little spare time. 

Anyways here’s july’s top picks…

Up first this gorgeous lamp from Biggie Best

I was introduced to this store by the wonderful Lizzie (@designers_newbuild). They stock the most wonderful pieces and currently have a sale…. I’ll be adding this lamp to my wish list for updating the living room. 

Next up this checked arm chair from Next

It’s from the Ashford range and I love it. Hoping to add this along with a sofa to our living room. I’m planning to have the sofa in a plain dove grey as I don’t want anything too matchy matchy. 

I have a little obsession with Zara home and their current sale definitely doesn’t disappoint. Look at this beauty. 

Love the frame style and the colour is gorgeous. I’d like to add this to the hallway but considering we just recently put a mirror up I don’t think I’ll be able to convince be my other half that it already needs updating… one can try. 

Bit of a different one here but I really really would love a new carpet and this is just gorgeous. It’s Ulter Open Spaces carpet found in John Lewis. 

This is the Swedish grey colour and I think it’s just what we need. However it will have to wait for now as there’s so much more we “need” before replacing carpets. 

Finally we have good old Marks and Spencer’s. I haven’t purchased anything recently from M&S but stumbled across this beauty online over the weekend.

This would work anywhere in the home full of fresh flowers from the garden. 

So there we have it – July’s Wishlist. I still can’t quite believe it July if I’m honest. This year has just flown by. However it does mean it’s only 4 weeks until a very special new arrival…. 

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Until next time,

W&W x