Creating a Botanical Corner 

Hello you lovely lot! 

So some time ago I was lucky enough to feature over on the Candid Owl blog and talk about her gorgeous lampshades and how I styled them. If you missed it… fear not! I’m talking about how I styled my lampshade into a botanical corner of my home.

When I received my lampshade I couldn’t have been happier. Amazing quality! The print is vibrant and detailed and pictures really don’t do it any justice. 

So I paired my new lampshade of dreams with a gorgeous gold geometric lamp base. I did also have a black geometric one but with my side tables being black it all just blended together which is not what I wanted at all. I think the shade would have worked well on a cement lamp base too especially if you wanted a more industrial feel. I also added in a gold basket to add some luxe plus I needed some storage… pretty and practical? Winner winner!

Finally I accessorised with some succulents… come on what did you expect? I used different heights and textures when choosing my pots. Finally I added my personal grey coasters with gold initials to tie all the colours together. 

So there you have it! My botanical corner all brought together and based around my gorgeous Candid Owl lampshade. 

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Bedroom Moodboard 

Hello you lovely lot! 

I hope you’ve all had a gorgeous week.

So today I’m talking bedrooms… boudoirs….  a place of escape. However you refer to your bedroom for me it’s always got to be a place of calm,  a little sanctuary that’s all yours! 

Being in a new build property there is very little to work with in terms of unique features but it does provide be perfect blank canvas! 

Our bedroom is quite big for a new build property and we are extremely lucky to have two windows. It’s such a bright space that when decorating I want to emphasise that by using light, bright, calming colours. 

The Colour Scheme

I know the dark side is very popular right now. While I find it very appealing it just isn’t me. I’m simply not brave or cool enough… I’m totally okay with that. 

In terms of colours im torn between going for a cool grey like Blackened by Farrow and Ball. Or something a little warmer but still neutral like Just Walnut by Dulux or Elephants Breath by Farrow and Ball. We also have grey in the lounge and soon the hallway. I’m scared that it’ll all be too much?! Surely there’s no such thing as too much grey right? 

Polished Pebble by Dulux 

Above: Farrow & Ball – Neutral Families

Below: My current favourite Dulux colour combination 

The Furniture 

Prior to buying our house we had rented in an unfurnished cottage so we already had all of our furniture when we moved. In one sense it was great as we didn’t need to spend lots of money on top of all the money involved with moving. The only problem is… I don’t like our furniture. We bought very basic items as they were necessities. They’ve served their purpose but I want pieces that I love. 

I’m dreaming of floor to ceiling wardrobes to maximise space and create lots of storage. Here are some of my favourites from Pinterest… 

I adore this style with the extra storage at the top perfect for winter/summer clothes storage. I love the coving in this picture too this is something else we are considering adding in the lounge and bedrooms. 

When we eventually get something like this my next question will be to keep it oak/pine or paint them white. 

We 100% need a new bed. We currently have a double bed that was nick’s bed from home and his Grandfather made it. While that is so lovely and it is very well made it has these large pine pegs…. I hit my shins everyday without fail. After 2 years I draw the line  – no more purple legs! 

I’d love a wooden bed with fabric headboard while nick wants all fabric with a buttoned headboard. It also has to have nothing on the end of the bed as he’s so chuffing tall. So who knows what we will end up with but something classic in a neutral colour I’m sure will be a winner. 

My bed of dreams from 

The Vibe 

Tranquility. That’s my key word for our bedroom. I think it’s really important when planning a room to think of how you want it to feel. For me the bedroom has to be somewhere I can switch off and relax. I still want it to feel like home and not a hotel. So I will be adding lots of finishing touches which are personal and fit the general “modern country” vibe. 

Here are some of my Pinterest faves which totally encapsulate what I want to achieve… 

And if you want some more inspiration check out these gorgeous Instagram accounts which have the most stunning bedrooms…





The Accessories 

So let’s be frank here… we all know this is my favourite bit. So I want a “modern country” home not a “cluttered cottage”. So storage is huge for me hence why I NEED fitted wardrobes. I also love Seagrass belly baskets – bonus point if they have Pom Pom’s! I think they look gorgeous and they add some texture to a room too. I’ll also be adding some frames with my favourite shots in such as these beauties from Zara Home… 

(Peonies… optional… but definitely preferable) 

I managed to get my hands on these two beautiful grey lamps from Ruby Reay Interiors and I can’t wait for them to arrive. The room isn’t even painted but I don’t think there is anything wrong with forward planning right? PS there is still 25% off all products when you enter SUMMERSALE25 at the checkout. Her stuff is gorgeous so go and check it out!

Obviously I’ll be having ALL the candles in the bedroom… maybe only one to be honest as they drive my other half insane. But if you’ve seen my stories you’ll know I finally got my hands on a bell jar I know I’ll be using it to display my favourite scents. 

So there you have it my bedroom moodboard! It’s all a constant work in progress and we won’t be able to focus on it for a while but it’s always good to have a plan and I always like to get my plans on paper or in this case… the internet. 

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Outdoor Zen 

Hello you lovely lot!  
I hope you are all well and enjoying these glorious glimpses of summer! This post is all about my summer garden planning. Hopefully the weather will allow it to happen… but let’s be honest Britain doesn’t have the best track record. 

(Chief sunbather and flower bed inspector) 

So our garden is a great size for a 2 bed new-build property. However it is extremely boring and one dimensional. Step in my genius father who basically created this idea for me. He will also be completing all the work… me and maximus will just sit quietly and pass tools when needed. 

(Our current garden)

I looked at tonnes of gardens on Pinterest to help gather my inspiration and put together some ideas… 

(Source: Pinterest – definitely prefer a “wild garden” feel) 

(Source: Pinterest – I will definitely be needing a welly store somewhere!) 

The plan. Well the plan is essentially to create two spaces to entertain. One will be a lounging come bar area whilst further away will be the cooking and dining area. My dad came up with this idea to a) create an extension of our living space in to an outdoor lounge space and b) because of how the sun moves through the day. So from our French doors there will be decking laid lengthways to provide a continuation from our lounge. Then there will be the grass are for maximus to tear up im sure. Finally the patio slabs that will be replaced by decking will be moved into the far corner to create a dining space. 

(Dining space of dreams courtesy of Rock My Style – Pinterest) 

Get a dog… it’ll be fun… they said. Then you introduce a garden – game over. Maximus has made a collection of burrows down the edge of our lawn. So these will be replaced with raised flower beds and we will be reinforcing the fence too. It’ll stop him digging… we hope. It’ll also look really cute… again I hope! 

(Source: Pinterest) 

I’m hoping to make the dining area multi purposeful. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my dad will be able to make some built in benches which I can put plastic trunks in which will be able to store outdoor blankets, pillows, garden utensils etc. Here I will be reinforcing the fence again to add some privacy too. I can never settle on garden furniture so we have decided to build a table ourselves. After discussing what we wanted for a while it was agreed that a metal insert for all the bubbles was an essential. Trust me you are going to love it… see below! #lifeessential 

(Source: Pinterest) 

(Source: Pinterest – #lifeessential) 

The last thing to be added will be some clever storage. I’d seen so many wheelie bin stores on Instagram and Pinterest… it was a revelation. The idea is it will hold our bins but also have an additional space for the lawn mower and tools. 

(Source: Pinterest – love a neutral colour scheme) 

I’m so excited to have this space transformed! Viva La BBQ! 

(Source: Pinterest) 

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Ever Changing Style 

Hello you lovely lot! 

It’s a bit crazy here at the moment. I’m currently on a training course meaning I’m doing a fair bit of travelling and spending time away from my home comforts… aka Maximus. Anyway after days, weeks, months even of deliberating my living room style I’ve changed my mind… standard behaviour from me to be honest. 

When we bought our house I imagined a Scandi theme running throughout the home. However after being here for a while  and embracing the country life I have realised I’m just not cool enough to be #scandi. I will still always be obsessed with the scandi trend and my Pinterest will still be full of minimalist rooms as they are just gorgeous. However I’m having a re-think of my lounge. I want to capture classic design with a nod to modern trends. It will be really hard to go full country bumpkin in a modern home but a little nod won’t go a miss. 

So I thought I’d show you guys some of my inspiration and some of my favourite products. 

(Pinterest – House Beautiful) 

(Pinterest – House Beautiful) 

(Pinterest – House Beautiful) 

(Pinterest – Kylie M Interiors) 

How gorgeous are they?! I feel they are definitely more me and I’ll find it much easier to piece my room together following my style rather than what’s “trendy”. So here are a few products I’m lusting over to add to my lounge…

(The White Company – Milking Stool) 

(The White Company – Soft Seagrass Basket)

(Next – Vase) 

And some purchases I’ve already made…

(Aldi – galvanised buckets and tray) 

(Adorn Decor – concrete vase)

(B&Q – Concrete Star) 

(Aldi – glass cloche) 

I’m totally okay with not being cool, I know my style and that’s what brings me happiness… and let’s be honest that’s what is the most important thing about your home. 

Now just to gently convince my other half…  

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W&W Wishlist: May 

Good morning you lovely lot! I’ve been slacking with the posts recently. I suppose life has just taken over a bit. But this is me saying I’m back in the game and I’m hoping the next months will be full of lots of new posts. So as always here’s my monthly Wishlist… 

There’s a bit of a botanical feel for this one. We recently bought out garden furniture ready for the decking to be completed. With that in mind I’m trying to make my indoor and outdoor lounge areas blend to provide a feeling of more space and I always find being outdoors so uplifting that it’s nice to capture that indoors. 

So first up we have two pieces from Matalan. Matalan is quickly becoming one of my favourite home stores that does not break the bank and provides gorgeous pieces for the home. 

Large Tear Drop Lantern – £20.00 

Ceramic Hanging Planter – £6.00 

I love natural materials in the outdoors. These will be perfect in my garden but I think they would equally look gorgeous in a reading nook or a bathroom. 

Now on to H&M home which each season is just getting better and better. My other half is still saying no to the Dalmatian bedding…. we’ll give him a bit more time. 

Small Storage Basket – £8.99 

Large Stoneware Planter Pot – £19.99 

Sticking with the natural materials over here. I adore the plant pot! If it lived in my garden I would be adding some leafy greenery to it making it a standout feature of my lounging area. Again this could equally be brought indoors to the lounge and add a lovely feature to a corner. Also how cute is the storage basket. I’m a bit (read: a huge) neat freak so I need everything to have a home. I’ll be using this to store all my candles and tea lights I use outdoors when entertaining. Makes tidying quick, easy and pretty! 

A firm favourite of mine next. Slay My Print have really hit the botanical and tropical trend on the head. They provide the most gorgeous prints to use throughout your home. I just can’t get enough of their botanical range… then they release this beauty as part of their tropical range! Gorgeous. 

3 Pinapples – from £6.00 

I mean come on just look at it! I’ll be adding this to my growing collection. Now I just need to find some frames so I can start displaying them in my newly decorated lounge! 

Last on my list this week is Candelle & Co. I can’t explain how gorgeous this company is. If you haven’t seen my earlier post – heaven scent – Then go check it out to learn more about this company and their delightful wax melts. This month I am featuring their newly launched room spray. It comes in pink prosecco! I mean I was always going to be a fan…. but the spray really does fill the room with very minimal use. 

Pink Prosecco Room Spray – Currently £13.50 

May Wishlist features:

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Home Accessories 

Hello you lovely lot! 

I hope you are enjoying this spring sunshine. I had a day off this week so managed to do some homeward shopping… not that my other half was that impressed. I’ve been after some new accessories for a while now so I made the most of my time off. Here’s what I got. 

(Cage lamp – £30 – George Home at ASDA) 

Isn’t this just lovely! As you’ve probably guessed by now I love the geometric and industrial trends so this was just perfect. It also came in copper but I’m loving brass far too much at the moment. They also stocked some gorgeous cage light fittings but they only had one left. I need two for the hall and landing so I’m going to have a gander online as they were very reasonable too. 

I definitely want to replace the lampshade for something a little more contemporary. I have something very exciting lined up so keep your eyes peeled over on Instagram for more information. 

(Set of 4 metallic teaspoons – £10 – Oliver Bonas) 

Next up was a Oliver Bonas purchase in their mid season sale. Absolute bargain at £10! I love the mixed metallics and different tropical/summer inspired shapes. 

(Mirrored Tray – £14 – Oliver Bonas) 

(Mirrored Lantern – £12 – Oliver Bonas) 

Unfortunately these weren’t in the sale but they are too gorgeous to ingnore. Eventually they will most likely live in the bedroom and I’ll probably get another lantern so I can have them on both bedside tables. For now they are going to live in my lounge/diner to display plants and candles. 

(Lettered ceramic coaster – £8 – Anthropologie) 

(Gold Platter Mug – £12 – Anthropologie) 

I feel like this is quite possibly the mug of dreams. It has its own little sidekick to in the form of a beautiful ceramic coaster. What’s not to love about either of these?! Grey, white, gold and contenporary details… heavenly. Anthropologie you never fail to please me. 

(Nathalie Bond Organic Candle – £12 –

I think it’s fair to say I have an issue with candles. Particularly when they come in simple, beautiful designs and are 100% organic. This scent is simply spring in a candle. So fresh and uplifting. For something so small it really does pack a punch and very long lasting… highly recommended. 

(Bathroom Accessories – £4-£8 – George Home at ASDA) 

I was sick of using my jam jar as a toothbrush holder – it was driving me insane. While looking for lights on ASDA I stumbled across these beauties. Simple, grey, stone effect – beautiful. There isn’t much to say about bathroom accessories but I think they make a difference and can really pull a room together. Now I just need to find some frames so I can put my Slay My Print botanical prints up! 

(Cacti – £3.99 – Wiggington Nurseries, York) 

Finally I got some new plants in the form of Cacti to continue my love of green plants that I technically shouldn’t have the ability to kill… time will tell. I’m sure you’ll see a lot of these guys over on my Instagram. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at my homeward finds. As always I love to hear from you so please leave a comment or send me a message. 

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Have a fabulous day enjoying the sunshine! 

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Pretty Little Things… 

Hello you lovely lot! 

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. So last weekend I went on a shopping trip with my wonderful friend Rebecca (@mustardandstripes). I was on a “no spend just browse” trip but I couldn’t resist a gorgeous necklace stand. 

(Primark £5 – yes you read that right £5!)

Brass.. check. Marble.. check. Geometric.. check. AND purse friendly.. check! What’s not to love. I had looked at the Oliver Bonas necklace stand of dreams but that was definitely not purse friendly so this Primark version is just perfect. 

Naturally I got home and needed to re-organise my dresser immediately! So here are the items I always have on my dresser. 

My perfumes: YSL Black Opium. I wear this is the evening, it rich and elegant. Described as a “rock and roll” version of the original Opium. It has notes of coffee, white florals and vanilla. If you like a light fresh scent – this is not for you. It is long lasting though and perfect for a night of cocktails and dancing. 

Valentino Valentina. Now this is light, fresh and extremely feminine. I love it. I go through it far too quickly because I just adore the fragrance. It has notes of peach, vanilla, patchouli and cedar woods. Perfect for spring days or summer evenings with pimms and friends. 

I do always love a Jo Malone fragrance and my last one was Earl Grey and Cucumber which was gorgeous during spring however not very long lasting. It is my birthday soon so I’m hoping to try out the infamous Peony and Blush Suede. Let’s just hope my other half reads this…

Speaking of Jo Malone I love to light one of her fragrances before bed to ensure a calm relaxing atmosphere. Currently I have this pine and eucalyptus beauty. It is quite simply divine. I received this for Christmas (the boy is well trained what can I say) and I do use it sparingly as it is very rich and extremely long lasting. Plus bloody expensive! Haha! I do like to keep the glass pots when the candle is gone for holding make up brushes or trinkets. I plan on keeping this one and then making a little chalkboard label for the front. 

My jewellery: I’m quite fussy with jewellery in the sense that I don’t like anything fussy – go figure. I love smaller pieces with delicate details. Like this gorgeous bumble bee from Rosie Bow Jewellery (available on Etsy). If I do go for a statement piece it tends to be a bold shape rather than a bedazzled number. 

I do love the classics as well. I do have a gorgeous Tiffany necklace and double chained bracelet which I recieved for my 21st birthday. I really do treasure them as they are a classic design which add elegance to any outfit. 

I’m also rarely without my Pandora Essence charm bracelet. I much prefer the size of the Essence collection it’s much less bulky than the originals. I also like that the charms stay in place rather than moving around. I can’t deal with anything that jangles around.

Of course no dresser is complete without some photos or prints. I like to have pictures that have captured memories from various trips so when I use my dresser in the morning I smile and remember how much happiness was in the moment. I currently have a picture of me and my beardy beloved in London. It always makes me smile so sets me up ready for the day. 

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