It’s a Dogs Life… Puppy Checklist

Hello you lovely lot!  If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen over the recent weeks a new addition appear in my stories. Well it's 2 weeks until she joins us and I am so excited! For anyone thinking of getting a dog or is waiting to bring their new pooch home [...]


It’s a Dog’s Life… Barry’s Buddy Box 

Hello you lovely lot!  Here's another edition to my it's a dogs life edit ... this time the spotlight is on Barry's Buddy Box.  I'd seen lots of people discussing dog gift boxes and monthly subscriptions and had been looking around for some time. Then I found Barry's Buddy Box through Instagram. They are an [...]

Outdoor Zen 

Hello you lovely lot!   I hope you are all well and enjoying these glorious glimpses of summer! This post is all about my summer garden planning. Hopefully the weather will allow it to happen... but let's be honest Britain doesn't have the best track record.  (Chief sunbather and flower bed inspector)  So our garden [...]